Thomas E.

Spring Colour Tables

Applying his degrade surfaces to glass, Thomas Eurlings created the Spring Colour Tables, which demonstrate a refined simplicity. 

Three differently sized branches support a clear glass disc. 

Each table sports a striking colour – bright ruby, naturally soft beige and muted mauve. The coloured surfaces hint at skin tones, blue veins and powder make up.  

The sheets of glass sit on a steel base, powder coated in white (kept into place by small a silicon disk), which is inspired on a sprouting plant. 

The clear glass sheets blend beautifully into their surroundings, creating spectacular light effects – a skin of colour – onto anything in their surroundings. 

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Thomas Eurlings designed a piece of jewelry based on Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring” for the “Dutch Contemporary Jewelry Exhibition” in Tokyo, Japan. The exhibition, organized by jeweler Mikimoto and commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will be on show from 27 July until 2 September 2012 at the Mikimoto flagship store in Ginza, Tokyo.

photo: Marijke Aerden

Fading Mirror



Eurlings’ Fading Mirror has been included in the collection of French label ENO (Editor of New Objects) . The mirror has a diameter of 55cm and has a faded border. The mirror is minimalist and decorative at the same time.

Photo: Rene Mesman

Little Boxes

A series of three boxes made with rapid manufacturing technology.

photo: Rene Mesman

Ribbon tablecloth

Tablecloth and napkins woven in the Dutch Textile Museum in Tilburg.

Total Acces Jewelry

A series of keys that can be worn as pieces of jewelry without losing their function.

Photo: Marjan Holmer

Hidden Beauty

Hidden Beauty: a series of fabrics with concealed patterns.

Move or remome a layer and the secrets reveal themselves

photo: Miep Jukkema

Simple Life Fabrics

On the first glance the fabrics appear to be very simple.

But this changes when the pleats start to move.

The black fabric with pink lettering reveals the portraits

Photo+Publication: Stijlinstituut Amsterdam